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Guideline Orthodontic Treatment Charges at
The Milton Keynes Orthodontic Practice

We offer:

Orthodontic Consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator

Orthodontic Consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist
Treatment Guide Fee Average Fee
Metal Braces for 1 arch From £2000 £2500
Metal Braces for 2 archs From £2500 £3000
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 1 arch From £3000 £3500
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 2 arches From £3000 £3500
Full Invisalign for 1 arch From £3000 £3450
Full Invisalign for 2 arches From £4500 £4500
i7 Invisalign From £1500 £2050
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 1 arch From £4000 £4150
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 2 arches From £5000 £6500
Damon Braces 2 arches From £4000 £4150
Bonded Retainers per arch £155 £155
Removeable Retainers per arch £125 £125

Full Examination with Dr Tzamalas Our Specialist Orthodontist

We will do a full examination and if required we will take Xrays

The Xrays if required are optional and a charge does apply for Xrays

At the end of this visit we will give you a Written Treatment Plans with costs and options.

We usually arrange another appointment (no charge) to discuss the Treatment and Payment Plan


Simple Scale and Polish with the Dental Hygienist

  • Simple Scale and Polish for regular 3 monthly patients £35.00
  • Spring Clean with Dental Hygienist £55.00
  • Jet Wash Stain Removal £25.00 extra
  • Home Whitening (Trays)

    £225 Normally £275