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These are a very popular choice. They are easy to use and the results are usually very good. But patient should be aware that some movements are not achievable without Fixed Appliances.

It is important to remember that when you are choosing where to have your Invisalign treatment that you choose a dentist who is experienced with these appliances.

As Invisalign treatment is limited to certain cases it may be necessary to wear a fixed appliance to complete the final result. In this case choosing a dentist who only does Invisalign may mean having to then go to see an Orthodontist.

Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Tzamalas is qualified to provide The Full Range of Orthodontic Treatments and therefore would be able to complete your treatment.

Invisalign at the Milton Keynes Orthodontic Practice

Good Reasons to have Invisalign

Watch Teeth Moving in FAST motion simulation

Watch Teeth Moving in FAST motion simulation

Guideline Orthodontic Treatment Charges

We offer a choice of options for payment including Interest Free Credit
Treatment Guide Fee Average Fee Per Month (Based On over 5 years)
Invisalign Go From £2500 £2500 £35.18 (£2500)
Full Invisalign From £3000 £3500 £49.25 (£3500)
i7 Invisalign From £1500 £2050 £28.85 (£2050)

Payment Plans at The Milton Keynes Orthodontic Practice

We offer our Patients a full range of options

Our Patients can Pay by:

* Cash. *

* Debit Cards. *

* Credit Cards. *

* A loan for up to 5 years. (Subject to status) *

* Interest Free Credit. (Subject to status) *

* Bank Transfer. *

Patient Finance and Interest Free Credit

We invite patients for a Private and Free Consultation about Finance.

All Credit Arrangements are

Subject to Credit Checks

Provided through Hitachi Finance UK

Dr David and Mrs Nur Gilmartin is a credit broker

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

that has a commercial relationship with the lender Hitachi Capital UK PLC

Dr David and Mrs Nur Gilmartin is unable to provide independent financial advice

Example of payments

Cost of treatmentNumber of monthly payments (Years) Monthly payment Initial Deposit APR Total Payment excluding any deposit
£150012 (1 Year) £125.000% 0% £1500.00
£150024 (2 Years) £67.590% 7.9% £1622.16
£150060 (5 Years) £21.11£450 7.9% £1716.66
£250012 (1 Year) £208.330% 0% £2500.00
£250024 (2 Years) £112.650% 7.9% £2703.60
£250060 (5 Years) £35.18£750 7.9% £2860.80
£400012 (1 Year) £333.330% 0% £4000.00
£400024 (2 Years) £180.240% 7.9% £4325.73
£400060 (5 Years) £56.28£1200 7.9% £3376.93


Patients with Insurance pay the dentist and then claim it back.

We will give receipts and help with filling in the claim forms.